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Billboard construction companies

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Zeepad Group is NUMBER 1 in Billboard Construction and Google search knows it.
  • We do not joke with our construction work ‘never.
  • We always deliver.
  • We are ever consistent.
  • We are the future of Billboard Construction and Billboard Manufacturing company in Nigeria.
  • We are simply the Best
  • We are Hardworking
  • We are ZEEPAD GROUP.

Zeepad Group consist of Hardworking dedicated workers, who are passionate about their jobs.

according to Jiji,ng

Billboard Construction And Installation Service Nigeria – › … › Construction Services
We are pleased to introduce Zeepad as a Group, a Construction Company that are professional expertise in constructing and erecting Billboards In the whole …

The world can vouch for Zeepad Group and we are so humbled to deliver Global Billboard Construction services Worldwide.

Generally, an outdoor digital billboard will cost you up to $280,000 USD but this depends on factors such as size, location, quality/clarity of the screen technology, and duration of the display.

Contact Corporate head:

Zeepad Group

+234 80 8770 0176





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