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Gutter Construction in Ondo State Nigeria.

Gutter Construction in Ondo State Nigeria.

First-Class Service delivery.

Zeepad Group takes constructions very very seriously, we are evenly committed to exceed expectations.

Ondo State is blessed with beautiful and hardworking Nigerians.

Ondo State is a state in southwestern Nigeria. It was Created in February 3, 1976 from the former Western State. Ondo State borders Ekiti State to the north.

What is Ondo State famous for?
Ondo is Nigeria’s chief cocoa-producing state. Other crops include rice, yams, corn (maize), coffee, taro, cassava (manioc), vegetables, and fruits. Traditional industries include pottery making, cloth weaving, tailoring, carpentry, and black smiting.
You will no doubt agree with me, that Ondo State is truly blessed.
Zeepad Group Gutter is a concrete component that is constructed beside pavements.
The function of concrete gutter is to discharge water and prevent it to infiltrate beneath the pavement. Moreover, not only does it eliminates the need for side ditches but also it enhances the performance of the road.
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