What we do?

Best Company requires Trust (Nigerian’s Recommended Zeepad Group and subsidiary Zeepad Craft limited as the Best), Quality Delivery, Deadline time. Some of the big projects Zeepad Handle was being  recommended in Nigeria.

Zeepad Group is a leading privately owned company which specializes in LED Screen Videos Display, Building/Civil Engineering which includes:

We have developed a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure that we offer cost-effective solutions in the market we operate in. Zeepad Group has grown steadily over the years from a small, general contracting enterprise to become one of West Africa’s largest LED Screen Display, Award plaque manufacturer and construction management firms.

LED Screen Digital display | Drainage System| Road Construction | Billboard Construction | Signage production | Award plaque manufacturing.


Zeepad Construction Live Video of Our Billboard construction and Inverter Installation.

Zeepad Live Construction Site

Office Address

Zeepad Global Offices in Lagos, Abuja, Nigeria, United Kingdom, United State of America, China.

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