Steel Fabrication

Storage Tank

Fuel Diesel Tank

2,000 Liters to 60,000 Liters Double Wall Diesel and Gasoline Fuel Underground Storage Tank

High quality and low price diesel fuel storage tanks manufacturer




125,000 litre Storage Tank

Storage Tank

100000m3 large fuel oil storage tank vertical industrial heavy fuel oil tank


Bulk Heavy Fuel Edible Vertical Stainless Steel Oil Storage Tank Price For Sale


Diesel Tank

125,000 Liter Storage Tank

125,000 liter storage tank

125,000 liter storage tank

Technical Fabrication Steel Structure Installation

Steel Fabrication Welding Metal Welding Fabrication
Steel Welding Fabrication Welding Parts Stainless High Quality Stainless Steel Welding Parts Fab

Custom Punching Working Processing Stainless Steel Products Stamping Parts Laser Cutting


Steel Welding Fabrication Welding Parts Stainless High-Quality  Stainless Steel Welding Parts

The Group’s strategy is to replicate its successes in Steel Structure.

To achieve this, Zeepad has set out a road-map for investing in people, processes,
strategic acquisitions, principal investments and continuous expansion within
West Africa and globally. Stainless and Steel Structure in Federation Engineering Department.


Our pedigree is that of phenomenal growth since inception, having recorded over 600%
increase in our assets and capital base.


We also recorded an astronomical increase in our customer base and this can be ascribed to our commitment of putting our customers first in all we do.

Double wall underground diesel fuel storage tanks

Diesel Tank