Indoor Advertising LED Display Solution Profile

Why Choose Zeepad LED As Your Supplier & Partner

P2 P2.6 P2.9 P3 P3.91 P4 P4.81 P5 P6 P10 mm High HD Stage Advertising Outdoor Full Color Rental Panel Wall Video Advertisement Indoor LED Screen

ZEEPAD LED has over 10 years experience in providing LED Screen solutions worldwide . Many companies now offer LED screens, but few can match Zeepad pedigree.
In recent years, the LED screen market has expanded rapidly, with any number of opportunistic companies offering screens at sometimes unbelievable prices. Zeepad LED are not one of these. Our screens are not “off the shelf” products; they are carefully researched, designed and produced in-house to the highest industry standards with quality Standard specification, which gives us pride in ourselves and products.

At Zeepad LED, we ensure that we adhere to the finest and comprehensive technical details of products engineered in the USA while also ensuring the efficient manufacturing of these product based which complies with approved standards in the USA thereby maximizing value to our customers. This approach is borne out of Zeepad‘s long experience in the LED market; having installed our very first set of full colour LED screens over nine (9) years ago, we have been ceaselessly researching and working with LED USA, JAPAN, CHINA technology ever since, making us one of the most experienced name in the industry. This knowledge translates into our product design, with a host of features incorporated to optimize picture quality, durability and reliability. With complete control of our production lines, our products are made to order with the flexibility to accommodate custom designs such as curved screens. Massive investment in R&D allows us to continually develop market-leading innovative and advanced products to the very highest standard

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