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LED screen for church Abuja Nigeria.

LED screen for church Abuja Nigeria.

Are you a true person of God?

Are you an ordain minister of God?

Do you know, that God values Christians who sacrifice their all to give the congragation an LED Big TV Screen for praise and worship?

Do you know?

I’m sure you do!

God loves a cheerful giver and more so God loves praise and worship to be done in an elegant way.

The apostles during the early stages with Jesus Christ, where committed to give in their all, and we all see what they benefited.

Apostle John was privilege to give Revelations, other Apostles received enormous blessings from God.

So imagine what God can do for you, when you buy an LED screen for the entire congregation.

Zeepad LED screen display is right for you and your Church.

Order online now or Book a site inspection, Our team will be there…


Visit our Abuja Office today.

Global Plaza, Plot 366, Obafemi Awolowo Way Jabi Upstairs Abuja FCT Nigeria

Contact Corporate head:

Zeepad Group

+234 80 8770 0176


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