LED P4 P5 Digital Billboards Outdoor Screens Full Color Led

People that do digital Billboard construction in Abuja Nigeria 🇳🇬

People that do digital Billboard construction in Abuja Nigeria.


Search no more, as Zeepad Group will care for all your Billboard Contruction worries.

In July 1967,

Billboard vendors overseas where experiencing steady and gradual change in the Billboard sector.

New Outdoor companies, where coming up and old ones where either quitting or maintaining the pace.

The change in Billboard technology, Billboard stands (iron frame) was quite pronounce, however advertiser where still advertising.

The partnership between a Billboard Vendor and a Billboard Construction company like Zeepad Group was helping advertisers to see the need to advertise their business daily.

The Billboard construction world is not easy, However Zeepad Group Billboard Construction company in Abuja Nigeria are making it look easy.

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