Big TV screen billboards

Big TV billboard in Cross river state Nigeria

Big TV billboard in Cross river state Nigeria.

The beautiful people of Cross river state Nigeria experience Light out of darkness by Zeepad Group Digital Big TV billboard.

Cross river state

Cross River State is a state in the South South geopolitical zone of Nigeria.

Named for the Cross River, the state was formed from the eastern part of the Eastern Region on 27 May 1967.

Source: Wikipedia

The Cross River, after which the state is named, rises from the Cameroon Mountains and flows southward, forming much of the state’s western border; it is an important commercial artery in the rainy season.

The state is bounded by the states of Benue on the north, Ebonyi on the west, and Akwa Ibom on the southwest. It is bordered on the east by the Cameroon republic and fronts the Bight of Biafra on the south.

The state has saltwater swamps, mangrove forests, oil palms, and dense tropical rain forest. Cross River state has a significant portion of the nation’s forest resources and supplies a sizable amount of the country’s industrial woods for export and domestic markets.

The population of Cross River state consists largely of the Efik and Ekoi peoples. Food crops including yams, cassava, rice, and corn (maize) are cultivated.

Deep-sea fishing and shrimping along the coast are also important.

Palm oil and kernels, timber, cocoa, and rubber are exported from Calabar, the state capital and a major seaport.

Industries produce cement, palm oil, asbestos roofing sheets and pipes, and baking flour.

Now imagine the potentials Cross river state has and Billboard construction is not an exceptional in the state capital.

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