Billboard Rental

Digital Billboard Rental in Lagos Nigeria.

Digital Billboard Rental in Lagos Nigeria.

Zeepad Group understands the limitation of it customers and we are steadily increasing the possibility to rent out Digital billboard LED BIG TV screen display to our esteem customers.

We also provide knowledge on how you can maximize the use of our Rental digital billboard to the fullest of effects.

Digital billboards are designed to bring in more customers, more audience and more sales to you and your organisation.

During the start of the religious month of Ramadan, Zeepad group board of directors came in conclusion, that renting out digital LED screen can help improve the nation community and increase the usability, of Billboard across Nigeria and the World.

Starting from Lagos, we are gradually increasing the possibilities to rent out Big TV LED Screen to all across the whole territory of Nigeria.

You are welcome.

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Zeepad Group

+234 80 8770 0176


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