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Billboard contractor in Fagge Local government Kano state

Billboard contractor in Fagge Local government Kano state

Are you surprised, well don’t be, WE ARE PRESENT EVERYWHERE

Everywhere you go, Zeepad Group are there to give you quality Construction services, services that would make you want more and more infrastructures.

Development is ever constant and Fagge Local government is such a beauty. we give thanks to all the Honorable’s and Committee member caring for Fagge Local government.

According to


I was born on 18th June 1969 at Fagge Local Government curved from Nassarawa Local Government of Kano state, to a Family of late Alhaji Haru Batir and late Hadiza Haruna both From Garki Local Government Jigawa state.

I started School at Kuka Primary School in 1977, passed out in 1981 when I got promotions the best to join class -6 then to take common entrance Examination.

I attended Government Secondary School Gwammaja II  Kano state from 1981-1986 after which I proceeded to College of Arts and Science CAS Kano where I took IJMB A-Level examination in 1988.

I got admission at Bayero University Kano Faculty of Engineering then Faculty of Technology to study Electrical Engineering degree from 1988-1992 where I passed out with second class upper division, (2:1)

I served my National Youth Service in Jos Plateau state in 1993, passed out in November 1993

My first Job offer came in December 1993 to serve as Facility Manager (House Manager) with Nigerian Embassy Niger under the Ambassador Jafaru Koguna who recognized my Technical contribution when supporting Electrical Engineering contractors GASH communication responsible for Chancery and Residence design and installations, CCTV, and other electrical

Vehicles fleet management, Technical equipment as well as other facilities remains under my Job at both Embassy, Residence and staff quarters

I was promoted to Senior Manager in 1999 before I voluntarily resigned in September 2001 to take another appointment immediately with Intercellular Nigerian Limited.  Posted to Northern Region as the pioneer Field support engineers, with a job titled senior executive Engineer -1 in charge of Super cell Base station Radio Receiver deployment, operations and maintenance in Abuja and its environs. The Job introduced me to Telecommunication /wireless Network Technology which also paved way for me to secure a job with MTN Nigeria in October 2003 as Mechanical /Electrical Engineer, before I moved to Field Network Operation and Maintenance.

Rose to Team lead Field support Engineer in 2009, with 8 Engineers reporting to me across the North East sub region Adamawa, Borno Gombe and Yobe to manage MTN Nigeria Telecommunications infrastructure, numbered over 400 Telecommunication Towers clustered in 40 sites average shared to a team of 10 sub-contractors, to ensure a minimum of 97.5% or a maximum of 99.9% Network Availability as my performance target.

In April 2014 MTN Nigeria outsourced Field operation to Huawei Technologies where I moved with same Job Profile and remuneration package, 4 Months later, I moved to I.H.S Towers as Regional Project Manager in charge to Passive Telecommunication Infrastructure replacement..

I travelled to South Africa, USA, Dubai, and Netherland several times during the course of my work to attend courses and other professional developments. I am happily married to 2 wives and have Eight children, with first two pursuing degree at Nigerian Universities.

Mission statement to serve as member of the Executive committee Nigerian Society of Engineers by Engr Rabiu Haruna(MNSE)

It was during my secondary school days that I was given a topic to present in a debate by the English Teacher

“A good name is better than having a Gold and Silver”

The content is all about discussions on

  1. Professional Competence
  2. Sound Character in relation to others

Having few points written, to present, at the end of the debate, I realized the learning point which impacted me is more to being a credible person.

Thus I went ahead to find more in relation to sound judgment, good leadership executed within the prescribe period for optimal performance or desired result.

My research took me to read a book Titled ‘SPEED OF TRUST” written by Stephen Covey who went ahead to give a clearer definition of Credibility based on Trust. Thus to be trusted one must be credible.

This lead to arrive at the factors which determine credibility as follows.

  1. Intent , walk to talk or keeping to commitment based on good intention, will, motive or agenda on sound judgments
  2. Integrity, the value in one self,
  3. Capability which is referring to one’s professional ability or competence
  4. Result , which is the measured over a period of time subject to

I, financial impact

II, End user, client or customer satisfaction

III, Steps to stages, though which the result was obtained or delivered

IV, Role of other stakeholders or common interest groups.

Having known that the vision of the Nigerian society of Engineers is to be the number professional body in the world, cannot be achieved without developing both professional competence and sound character for speedy execution and judgments

Trust which is the building block to success, one thing which if natured can give a tremendous result, growth, value, etc otherwise can bring down the strongest empire, political party, family, business or any organization is a subject of credibility which is routed through competence and character or behavior.

My desire is to nurture the young professionals to meet the credibility ethics which will ultimately catapult Nigerians engineers to realize their vision of being the number professional body in the world, to serve our dear country Nigeria realized its vision which has the elements of competence and character “Unity and faith peace and progress.


Wow this shows that Fagge Local Government has plenty talents.

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