Filling Station Sign

Filling station sign board construction company

Filling station sign board construction company

Filling station signboard construction company in Kebbi state Nigeria.

As a proper Mallam,

Being a teacher is very important to our developing society and no better way rather than to focus on our infrastructural development.

Developments such as filling station LED Sign boards are very good to light up the beautiful street of Kebbi.

Zeepad Group is here to serve you the people of Kebbi State Nigeria.

Kebbi State (Hausa: Jihar Kebbi) is a state in northwestern Nigeria, bordered to the east … the old state of Katsina which had made political in road Zuru

Birnin Kebbi
Birnin Kebbi, town, capital of Kebbi state, northwestern Nigeria. It lies along the Sokoto (Kebbi) River at the intersection of roads from Argungu, Jega, and Bunza.

Many LED Sign boards are in Birnin Kebbi, so get yours today.

Contact Corporate head:

Zeepad Group

+234 80 8770 0176



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