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Digital billboard cost in Nigeria | Abia State Nigeria

Digital billboard cost in Nigeria | Abia State Nigeira.

Only a true Civil engineer will know the miracle of this Digital LED Big TV Billboard Screen display.

We are number 1 in Billboard construction 👷 and Nigerians recommend Zeepad Group as the best.

We build billboards and erect them with Unipole.

The cost of digital billboards advertising in Lagos Nigeria ranges from N450,000 to N5,000, 000 (four hundred and fifty thousand to Five million Naira) per month

Billboard advertising is a very effective Integrated marketing communications tool.

Marketers often use it to support other marketing channels.

Billboard advertising reaches a big audience in cities like Abia states, Lagos and Abuja.

Some of our billboards in prime locations have daily impressions of over 1,800,000 impressions daily and more.

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