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📺Big TV flexible LED Screen Electronic Billboard.

Big TV flexible LED Screen Electronic Billboard.

Where ever you are in the world, whether China, Germany, United Kingdom England, United States of America, etc

Please note,

Transparent wall advertising LED Electronic billboards display is manufactured best in Beijing China 🇨🇳

Zeepad Group has a solidified partnership with the people’s republic of China and we deliver promptly.

Digital billboards work by emitting light through LEDs.

On most digital billboards, each dot of color is created by using a single red, green and blue LED.

By varying the brightness in each color, any color in the spectrum can be created.

The actual makeup of a vinyl billboard includes two layers of UV-protected, water-resistant sections of vinyl with a rip-stop nylon scrim sandwiched between the vinyl to prevent tearing.

One vinyl side is the actual ad, while the other is typically solid black.

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