Global Constrution services

🙌Walk with Zeepad Group to the Light of Glory | Global construction inspection services.

Walk with Zeepad Group to the Light of Glory.

Our angelic inspection team at Zeepad Group, are top-notch professionals.

Well trained, properly mannered, and extremely patient.

We listen!

Ooh Yes, we listen to you.

Our beloved customers.

The beautiful city of Port Harcourt Nigeria is located at the heart of Africa and our Inspection team is carrying out a routine check to scan the vicinity.

Port Harcourt is such a lovely place to be when you visit Nigeria, especially if you are an expatriate.

As an expatriate or Nigerian, we all need to keep on working toward developing our great planet 🌍

No better development puts the needs of the people first.

The people’s needs have to come first and that is why 🌐Global Construction is so very important.

Imagine no construction 🚧

We will return to the stone ages and underdevelopment will crash our economy.

Zeepad Group and our entire Inspection team and staff are humbled to carryout, 1st-class Global Construction services to forge the development of every nation on earth.

Please book a site inspection now!

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Zeepad Group

+234 80 8770 0176




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