Pylon Sign

­čîĆInternational and local Pylon signage in Lagos Nigeria.


International and local Pylon signage in Lagos Nigeria.

Pylon signage installations are made easy by Zeepad Group Installers.

Pylon signs are vital if you want people to easily locate your office or have the ability to read about your company from afar.

These signs are typically fixated to a poll and are most effective when standing tall.

They come in different shapes and sizes depending on your business budget.

The colour reflexes attract customers to your Shop, outlet, office or company.

Over 234 Signage Pylon sign was installed by Zeepad Group over the cost of 19months.

Pylon signs are illuminated cabinets mounted on welded, staged poles from 20 feet to 80 feet tall or taller.

Pylon signs, commonly referred to as pole signs, are ideal for attracting attention from afar.

Pylon signs are commonly used by businesses such as hotels, buildings, gas stations, retail stores, and more

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