Diesel Tank Fabrication

Septic šŸ”§fabricated Tanks by Zeepad Group Nigeria Quarters.

Septic Tank in Lagos Nigeria by Zeepad Group!

Nowadays, the design of the septic tank main has two chambers each of which is equipped with a manhole cover.

These chambers are separated by means of a dividing wall which has openings located about midway between the floor and roof of the tank.

Zeepad Tank Materials

Concrete, fiberglass, and plastic are commonly used.

Concrete is sturdy, and it’s still used for some our septic tanks today.

The best choice is a precast concrete septic tank.

Zeepad Precast septic tanks hold many advantages over plastic, steel, or fiberglass tanks.

This is why so many cities and towns actually require the use of concrete septic tanks.

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