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China 🇨🇳 Trust in Zeepad Group LED light modules Signage

Do you know what this is?

Sub-millimeter light-emitting diode. The Mini LED, also known as “sub-millimeter light-emitting diode,” was
first proposed by Epistar to refer to LEDs with a size of about 100 micrometers.

Mini LED is a transitional technology between traditional
LED and Micro LED, and is an improved version of the traditional LED backlight used for Zeepad LED Digital electronic billboards.

They are tiny and extremely bright, they spark magic to the eyes of your consumers.

When combine and installed properly by our highly trained Engineers, LED light becomes
extremely very bold, a bright spark of genius.

Zeepad Group highly trained
engineers received first-class education from highly repected Engineering School in China.

Most of our LED Digital electronic billboards are directly imported from Beijing the capital territory of China.

China as a country, are the leading innovators in science and technology.

The people of Beijing China trust in Zeepad Group
and so should you.

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