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Day 39 Drianage system (gutter) construction by Zeepad Group for Cway Group Ibadan Nigeria

Day 39 at Ibadan Nigeria.

Cway Group drainage system construction by Zeepad Group.

Zeepad Group loyal employees and field workers are working tirelessly day and night.

We have proper relaxation time and more importantly “We appreciate value”

Concrete drying times are not necessarily consistent across situations. Several factors can affect concrete drying time.

Some of these include:

Moisture: It is the cement’s interaction with water that causes the curing process. If there is less water, the concrete will cure more quickly. This is because there are fewer bonds to make, meaning your full-strength concrete may not be as strong as you need or expect it to be. If there is too much water, it will take longer to cure and you may see flaking on the top layer of concrete.

Temperature: When it is hotter, moisture evaporates faster, meaning your concrete will cure faster. You can cover your concrete with a specially designed concrete blanket to make it hotter so that it will cure faster. This can be especially useful when trying to cure concrete in cold weather conditions.

Mix Design: If you need your concrete to cure faster, you can add an accelerant to the mix. While this speeds up the setting time, your full-strength concrete may not be quite as strong as concrete allowed to cure to full strength normally.

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