Billboard Frame

Cabinet for LED screen Digital Billboard in Abuja

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Cabinet for LED screen Digital Billboard in Abuja Our Engineers and installers at Zeepad Group | welding sector make use of only Metal steel Cabinet to hold your LED screen Our Metal Cabinets are made of pure steel, extremely strong and good enough to hold an LED digital Screen video display. LED screen is becoming […]

Billboard Construction

What are billboard frames made of?

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What are billboard frames made of? Modern billboards are supported by steel poles ranging from 91.4-183 cm in diameter and up to 30.5 m tall. At the top of the mounting pole is a frame constructed from steel I-beams. This frame supports the lighting equipment and artwork. The artwork is affixed to the facing of […]

Benin City Office

Billboard Manufacturing Companies in Benin Nigeria africa by Zeepad Group

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Billboard manufacturing companies in Benin Nigeria. Zeepad Group is the leading Billboard manufacturing company in Nigeria Africa. We make use of the best structural metal and steel fabrications to give your Billboard standard frame. Also known as Outdoor digital signage screen. We have Floor Standing and Mounting fully featured digital signage for indoor & outdoor […]