Billboard Construction in Abuja

Abuja outdoor LED screen display Billboard construction in Abuja Nigeria Africa

Abuja outdoor LED screen display Billboard construction in Abuja Nigeria Africa

The federal capital territory of Nigeria was moved from Lagos to Abuja.

Ever since Abuja as a city has developed in technology and innovation along with Zeepad Group Billboard Construction.

Born out of necessity, billboards were probably first used to convey a message to the majority of individuals who were illiterate. The oldest known billboard ad was posted in the Egyptian city of Thebes over 3,000 years ago and offered a reward for a runaway slave. Prior to the late 1700s, the predecessor to the modern day billboard—billposting—was prevalent throughout Europe, but only as an informal source of information. It wasn’t until the invention of lithography in the late eighteenth century that billboards as a medium expanded into an art form. The first art poster was created in 1871 by Englishman Frederick Walker, who was commissioned to create the playbill for the play “Lady in White” in London. By the early 1900s, schools for poster art were being formed and artists like Talouse Lautrec were making names for themselves.

The first large scale use of the billboard as an advertising tool was as circus posters printed or secured on horse-drawn trucks that would precede a show to town in order to increase interest and attendance. At this time, billboards were not standardized or controlled by any laws. During 1872-1912, organizations in the United States met to create billboard standards. Originally, the standard set was 24-sheet poster panels with a total size of 19.5 x 8.7 ft (6 x 2.6 m). Today, that size remains the same, while technology has reduced 24 sheets to 10.

It was also during the early 1900s that electric billboards were used to light up cities. Prior to the electric billboard, cities were dark, foreboding places. The electric bill-board brought the cities to life at night, creating a more hospitable atmosphere that induced people to stay on the streets. Hence, the birth of nightlife.

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