Award Plaque

🏆Awards Night Plaque by Zeepad Group

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Awards night A symbol of genuine recognition to motivate hard workers to keep on the good work and outperform expectations. At Zeepad Group, “We appreciate value” We appreciate the values of genuine and sincere hard workers within and outside our organizational jurisdictions. Award night allows your hard workers to freely express their heartfelt gratitude toward […]

LED P4 P5 Digital Billboards Outdoor Screens Full Color Led

☀Light Emitting Diodes (LED) by Zeepad Group LED Billboard.

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Extremely deligent in handling LED electronic billboard installation. We at Zeepad Group Surelere Global branch Nigeria are simply the best. What are LED or digital billboards? Digital billboards or LED structures are made up of Light Emitting Diodes (LED). Diodes resemble tiny Christmas lights that are perfectly aligned on a grid. Those grids are arranged […]

Building and Civil engineering

Day 78 at Ibadan 🇳🇬 Zeepad Drainage system construction for Cway Group

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Zeepad group is the leading civil engineering construction company. Trust is everything Day 78 at Ibadan. Cway group drainage system constructed by Zeepad Group The top layer concretes as you can see in the video above, is been carefully molded by our hard-working laborers. Drainage systems, if properly installed, should keep water away from your […]

Benin City Office

Zeepad Pylon Signage In GRA Benin City 🇳🇬Nigeria

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The government residential area GRA in Benin city Edo state Nigeria witnessed the wonders of the Zeepad Pylon Signage. Astonishing beyond human imagination. Our Pylon Signage is extremely effective to bring in new customers to your business. Are you an owner of Hotels, filling stations, megastores, shopping malls, shop outlets, transport companies, Banks, Companies in […]

Drinage system

Concreate Cement covering, Drainage systems

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  Drainage system concrete cement covering. At Zeepad Group, we extremely appreciate value, beyond measurement and that is why we take our time to do things. Patience according to a sage, is a virtue and we all have it in us more importantly, we are immune to wanting things done faster but with patience, you […]